GeoStranger: anonymous geo messaging.

Use your preferred APP like Telegram, Kik, Skype, Messenger, ecc.. and talk with new people close to you!
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App name Status Action
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List of all commands that you can send to our bot over all App.

Command Function
/new Start new conversation and stop any current conversation.
/stop Stop receiving GeoStrangers messages.
/location Change your location.
/delete Delete your data from GeoStranger datacenters.

Our Faq

Yes! Because we will "proxy" from you and your chat partner.
You write to our bot and we deliver your message to your partner Chat (aka GeoStranger).

Nobody can contact you directly or know who are you.

Please read privacy policy to have more detailed information.
GeoStranger service is free forever and is governed by our terms.
Sure! Only real persons are allowed here. We control periodically if current users are real, with simple questions for humans that are difficult to be understood by robots.
You will be able to send text, video, audio and voice messages all over the chats. All other messages are not send over our chat system and you will be notified for that cases.
No! We do not save any data in our system. You are the only responsible for what is sent over our service.
You can provide us your location by responding to our bot. And you can change it when you like with /location command.
You provide it to our bot when it is asked or with a /location command. We do not do any automatic geolocation by IP or any other systems. This means that you can change it and there is no need to respect your real position.
Sure! You can delete all information from our servers by sending /delete command.
We'd love to hear! Simply contact us and tell us what's on your mind - if you've found a bug or a serious security vulnerability then we'd like to reward you for letting us know.
Yes, you will continue receiving the notifications from your application. To silently notifications or stop the conversation you should send /stop command, or silently the bot directly from the application selected.
Yes, as aforementioned, you will receive chat notifications as usual from your preferred App.
Probably. The Strangers are selected in a Random mode, but according to the distance between them. So it is probable that as closer he/she is to you, the more are the chances of connecting more than once.
From same App it is not possible, but you can use different Apps if you like.
Of course, and please do that. Contact our team and send us your ID, you can find it by sending /notification command.
Please download the last version of Skype here.